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A new, shiny piece of metal can be 'antiqued' or aged to give the appearance of a vintage and well-loved collectible.

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The last thing you want to do when antiquing an item is alter its current form or spoil its condition. You could antique your items by plating them with an additional thin layer; however, plating can trap hydrogen particles between the outer layer and the original surface, leading to deterioration. Fortunately, our antiquing solution means you don’t need to risk the condition of your items to change their colour or make them more resistant to corrosion.

Our antiquing solution is not only more cost-effective than plating but also less risky regarding your items’ condition. Using our effective antiquing solution, you can bolster the appearance of any item and increase its resistance to corrosion, and because you can use the solution repeatedly, it’s incredibly high-value.

If you want to improve the appearance of your prized possessions or treat metal items to increase their resistance to corrosion, general wear and tear and ageing, then the Blackfast Antiquing Process range is what you will be needing to use.

We have the antiquing solution you need to get the most from your valuables regarding aesthetic appeal and longevity, and we guarantee that our products won’t compromise the quality of any item.

There are four different processes for Blackfast Antiquing. They are Pewter, Copper, Brass, Nickel Plate and Silver Plate Antiquing Processes.


The Antiquing Process is a similar process to that of the Iron and Steel Blacking Process.

It consists of a multi-stage suspension bath, where for instance in this case brass components are suspended in the Blackfast 183 Antiquing Solution, where the 183 then darkens the bright brass surfaces to a dark brown.
On removal from the solution, the brass is allowed to dry then lightly abraded to remove some of the coating on proud surfaces. What remains will be within the crevices and surface of the brass revealing an antiqued surface.


Used extensively for a range of metals that require an antiqued effect. Such as on window and door fittings, buckles, figurines, jewellery, badges, models and many more.


Antiquing Process for Brass using either BF183 Antiquing Solution or BF182 Blacking cream, depending on desired coloured finish.


Antiquing Process for Pewter using diluted BF181 Blacking Solution.


Antiquing Process for Copper using BF183 Antiquing Solution.

Nickel Plate

Antiquing Process using BF181 Blacking Solution as a Supplied Solution, not diluted!

Silver Plate

Antiquing process using BF183 Antiquing Solution until Silver reaches a grey/black colour.


We’re not just another company that makes bold claims it can’t live up to. We’re a team of pioneers who develop ground-breaking metal blacking and antiquing applications, which are independently verified regarding quality and safety for your peace of mind. On top of our proven solutions, companies in the UK and beyond trust us because:

  • We offer free demonstrations so that you can see exactly how the process works and how effective it is.
  • We provide honest quotes upfront and aim to be the best value provider in the UK.
  • We develop solutions that are more cost-effective than conventional metal blacking and antiquing methods, such as plating and painting, in the long run.
  • Our products comply with the most stringent safety standards.
  • We offer a money-back guarantee should you have any issues with our solutions.

When you need an antiquing solution that really works, you need to contact the innovative antiquing specialists at Blackfast.


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